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Employment Application

Employment Application

(Required Documents for Application)

Here at Central Florida Care Group, Inc., we strive to be nothing but the best. We are looking for caregivers that have a TRUE passion for caring for children with DD or Chronical Illness. All caregivers must meet the following qualifications to be considered.

- High School Diploma.

- Infection Control Training (offer in-house if needed).

- HIV/AIDS Training Cert. (offer in-house if needed).

- CPR/First Aide certified.

- HIPAA Training Cert. (offer in-house if needed)

- Must have or able to pass a Level 2 Background (Federal).

- (Local) Criminal Background Check from your Local Sheriffs Department.

(Click Here for a list of Location)

- Social Security Card

- Resume showing at least a minimum of 1 year minimum of one (1) years experience working with DD/ Chronical ill children or persons with DD

- 2 Professional References and 3 other.

- Valid Florida Drivers License.

- Vehicle insurance liability damage coverage and Registration.

- Staff Health Statement - no older than 6 months.

( Print a blank form from

>Careers Resource Guide< to be filled out by your

license physician).

- Professional Liability Insurance